Discover precision and versatility with our range of premium printers.

From dye sublimation printers to grand format, wide format, desktop UV and flatbed printers, we offer a diverse selection catering to different project requirements.

We stock leading brands like Epson, Mimaki, Roland, and swissQprint printers. Epson printers excel in delivering high-quality prints, while Mimaki and Roland printers are known for their reliability and exceptional performance in wide-format printing.

swissQprint printers stand out for their grand format capabilities and precision, ideal for large-scale and specialised printing projects. Whether you need desktop UV printers for smaller-scale work or flatbed printers for versatile applications, our lineup covers various printing demands.

Explore our range of printers from top brands, designed to meet diverse printing needs and deliver exceptional results across different printing formats. Not sure which is right for your business? Get in touch with the Pozitive team.
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