Pozitive is excited to announce our partnership with Felix Gluer to bring their advanced automatic gluing machines to Australia.

These state-of-the-art machines are designed to revolutionise your gluing process, offering unparalleled efficiency and precision for a variety of applications.

Rethink how your gluing department is organised.

Increasing the speed and repeatability of your gluing process with the Felix Gluer automatic gluing machine enhances your manual gluing workers' potential. This leads to fewer employees needed for the same task or the same workforce completing production much faster.


The machine's precise glue application and software tools ensure high repeatability and top-quality gluing, improving both consistency and quality.


Additionally, customers have reported up to 50% reduction in hot melt glue consumption and further savings with the cold glue process, significantly cutting glue costs.

Why Felix Gluer?
The Felix Gluer automatic gluing machine is a versatile solution perfect for packaging, displays, printing, and furniture. It's designed to handle complex gluing tasks with ease, ensuring consistent and high-quality results every time.

The Felix Gluer is suitable for many automated gluing applications.
What would you like to glue?

POS/POP Displays

Corrugated Packaging


Expanded Polystyrene



Explore our Automated Gluing Applications

The Felix Gluer automatic gluing machine offers versatile and efficient solutions across multiple industries, including packaging, printing, furniture, and POS displays. It ensures precise and consistent glue application, enhancing productivity and quality while reducing manual labor and costs.

With features like independent moving worktables, quick setup options, and the ability to handle diverse materials and complex gluing paths, the Felix Gluer machine is ideal for improving efficiency and output in various manufacturing processes.


The most universal model for all types of production.

2 independent up & down stacking work tables, which can operate as one large gluing table.


Specially designed for automotive packaging gluing and large 2 × 3m printed
sheets gluing.

A large 2 x 3 m gluing work table (with split option) with special rolls for easy loading and unloading of large material sheets.


4 independent up & down stacking work tables, with an option to operate as 2 large gluing tables.


Each Felix Gluer machine is created with the utmost care and precision. We always present our ideas to operators, technical staff, and production managers to give them the most USER-FRIENDLY tools possible. This approach, combined with our our experience, allows us to develop this exceptional technology.

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