Pozitive Sign & Graphic Supplies Service Technician

Service & Support

At Pozitive Sign & Graphic Supplies, our commitment to providing the best solutions for you business extends beyond just supply you with the best products.

We understand the important of uninterrupted production, and that’s why we have a dedicated service & support team to address all your concerns promptly.

Whether you’re facing challenges with your machine, dealing with software glitches or it’s just time for your machine to have a service, we are here ready to assist you in a prompt manner.

Jump in below to book a service call or to report software & machine issues.


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If you're noticing problems with your machine or you've had a breakdown, click through to log the issue and get assistance asap.
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Software support
Experiencing software issues?
Get in touch using the link below and we'll have you sorted out as soon as possible.
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