L Series
L Series
L Series
L Series


L Series

Whether you are in the industry of fast fashionsportswear or technical textiles, the L Series serves as a perfect laser cutting system optimised for textile cutting.


Today’s laser equipment from Summa is a result of continuous research and further development of earlier products. Technology has evolved and modern laser systems are safer, more productive and easier to use. Summa laser equipment is based on the following 5 most important pillars:

  • Power. With Summa OptiPower technology the laser beam remains focused and constant, guaranteeing a consistent cutting result over the complete cutting surface
  • Precision quality. The concentrated power of the laser on a very small focal spot size, allows the laser cutter to cut designs with the highest precision and leave edges soft without fraying
  • Class 1 Safety. Summa laser cutters are classified for Class 1 safety with a closed cover system and thorough extraction of fumes
  • Stability. The chassis of Summa laser cutter L1810 is made from welded steel, making it incredibly stable, resulting in a high level of accuracy
  • Productivity. The highly performant Summa laser cutters can boost productivity thanks to smart features such as the optional Vision System and many convenient media handling options


Our specialists in laser cutting technology have over 25 years of experience. The knowledge gained during this time, combined with market feedback led to further development and optimization of Summa's laser machines.

Now introducing the L1810 second generation. Discover the L Series optimised for cutting printed fabrics and textiles.

Vision Camera System

The Vision system represents ingenious camera technology, designed to give your productivity a big boost. Pinpoint Vision camera recognition scans the material meticulously, so there is no room left for errors.

Workflow efficiency is obtained through different possible cutting methods, tailored to your specific cutting needs and taking into account the desired production volume.

  • Cut-on-the-Fly, meaning the Vision system allows to feed, scan and cut each material segment simultaneously
  • Cut-to-Frame, allowing to process jobs that require a fixed size to fit perfectly into SEG frames 
  • Trace & Cut, tracing the contours of the design without prior cutting data. Very convenient method when cutting sportswear.
  • Barcode (Pro Pack needed), powerful workflow automation that frees up operator time to attend to other assignments

Head Camera System

The head camera system is standard mounted on the L1810 laser cutters and optional on the FB Series. This camera system uses registration marks to process cut-to-size, as well as contour cutting jobs.

Increased accuracy and advanced nesting capabilities not only ensure a clean-cut but also reduce material waste substantially.

Combined with the GoProduce Laser Edition software, the Head camera system allows using the following cutting technologies:

  • Cut-to-Frame, allowing to process jobs that require a fixed size to fit perfectly into SEG frames
  • Barcode (Pro Pack needed), enhancing workflow automation and productivity to the maximum, so the operator can free up time to attend to other assignments 

a model for everything



Seamlessly meet requirements for cutting textiles

Especially suited to cut textiles

Ability to cut all sorts of raw materials

Standard equipped with head camera

Vision system is optional

Suitable for high-production environments

Fast processing for more throughput in less time

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Meet your customers' deadlines and improve your margin

Standard equipped with Vision camera

On-the-fly cutting: cutting while scanning in the next part, simultaneously

Edge-detect de-reeler ensuring a straight feed of the material

The camera scans registration marks or contours using trace

Automatic creation of cutting vectorSuitable for high-production environments

Cutting typical jobs at 400 m²/hour

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The L Series range comes with the dedicated and production-oriented GoProduce Laser Edition software, developed to handle jobs easy and efficiently whilst optimally using materials. The software includes several smart, easy-to-use options and features to establish an automated workflow where operator comfort is key. For instance, the Barcode functionality, Pro feature, allows to automatically process an entire roll of textile with different cutting jobs, without operator intervention. Read more


ApS-Ethos Laser Cutting and Engraving software

If you own a previous Summa (FB) laser cutter with the ApS-Ethos Laser Cutting and Engraving software installed, you can find more information about this software here.





Max Working area

L1810 | 1840 mm x 950 mm
L3214 | 3300 x 1400 mm

Maximum Cutting Speed

L1810 | Up to 1000 mm/s
L3214 | Up to 1500 mm/s


OPOS marks
Optional: Vision System

Standard Accessories

Summa GoProduce Laser EditionConveyor System (with configurable planks)Compressed air drying bowl and flow regulatorHead Camera

PC and monitorSumma GoProduce Laser EditionConveyor systemVision Camera systemChillerAirflow pumpsUnwinder with edge detection

Included Software

Summa GoProduce Laser Edition

Optional Accessories

Summa GoProduce Laser Edition Pro Pack
Planks: Blade or Honeycombs Planks
Front Conveyor Extension
Vision System

Summa L Series

L Series Features at a glance:

– Enhanced productivity with the uniquely designed conveyor system for continuous production of roll materials.

Usability– Any deformations are automatically recognized by the intelligent camera system and immediately compensated in the cutting vector and has the ability to cut complex patterns without the need of cut files or registration marks.

– The laser system uses contactless cutting, meaning there is no drag on the material or blades to change. It enables users to process sensitive and easily distorted textiles with higher precision.

Environment– Environment & Safety is a priority. Fumes are removed by the internal extraction system and cutting by laser produces no dust fibers, ensuring a clean work environment at all times.

– The L1810 cutting area is enclosed to meet the Class 1 standard, ensuring the laser cutting source is covered during operation and paused when the cover is opened.