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Karibu 2
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Karibu 2
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Karibu 2

This large format printer incorporates the result of 20 years' development experience in UV inkjet printing, made better still by innovative technical solutions. Karibu users have a clear competitive edge … Get to your print more efficiently with unique roll to roll printer features powe... Read More

  • 9 Colour Channels
  • 3400mm Max. Print Width
  • 212 m2/h Max. productivity
  • 4 - 18 print heads
  • 200kg Max. Roll Weight
  • CMYK + 5 Extra colours

The multitalented roll to roll printer

Exceptional features make this roll to roll printer the epitome of efficiency and ease
of use. Karibu processes virtually any roll material, accurately and reliably, with impeccable
print quality. All so typically swissQprint.

colour configurations your way

Inkjet printing is as colourful as the world around us. The CMYK that comes as standard with all swissQprint systems is expandable, either when a printer is initially equipped or later when the requirements change. Nine freely configurable colour channels are available.

Consider then adding light cyan, light magenta, Light Black, Orange, White, Varnish or even Neon Yellow & Pink.

Double-sided printing option

If you have a regular flow of double-sided production jobs, this option is a must for you. Say goodbye to the complications of loading and aligning the rolls. Instead, simply put your trust in a reliable automatic process. And free up capacity!


You're all too familiar with the problem: the tricky thing about printing on both sides of stretch banners, ceiling hangers, blockout banners, posters and similar items is making sure that both sides are congruent. Karibu handles this confidently. The roll to roll printer processes jobs of this sort automatically – and reliably, with the help of a camera system that reads QR codes printed next to the image. So the system has everything under control. Come what may, you'll finish the job on time, just as the customer wants it.

Neon meets UV

Even more special effects in UV printing. For posters, ceiling hangers and POS displays, information and guidance systems, trade fair and event concepts, safety notices or campaign signage. With Neon Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow.

Neon Pink and Neon Yellow are optional spot colours. Compatible with every swissQprint flatbed or roll to roll printer with LED curing, they can be retrofitted at any time. With these two inks, you can conjure up four colour variations. Sounds tempting, doesn't it?

Dual roll option

If you routinely process narrower rolls up to 1.6 metres wide, potential may be going to waste. Unless you are using the dual roll option, which doubles your Karibu's productivity.


A Karibu equipped with the dual roll option allows you to easily produce identical designs or two different ones at the same time. Only the material thickness and print resolution need to be the same. The system takes care of the details. Sensors and the control system continuously ensure optimal tension in both rolls, for impeccable parallel production.

Light Box

The Karibu roll to roll printer has a Light Box right next to the printing area. This enables immediate quality control of backlit prints and instant optimisations – with minimal loss of time and material.

Karibu is a specialist at producing backlit prints. Especially since this roll to roll printer – like all swissQprint machines – is a champion at precise droplet positioning. In addition, it offers high-resolution print modes in various increments.

A Light Box integrated with the print bed enables continuous monitoring. It is divided into 48 LED segments. The system illuminates only the exact number required for the defined roll width. And if on occasion that is still dazzling due to the design being printed, they can be dimmed.





Maximum Print Width


Material Thickness

Maximum 3mm

Colour Channels

Maximum 9

Print Heads

Maximum 18

Top Speed

212 m²/h

Production Speed

110 m²/h

Fine Art Speed

17 m²/h


1,36 × 6,36 × 1,65 m (L×W×H)


200 - 2100 kg

Included RIP

Caldera with Lory controller

swissQprint Karibu 2

Here comes the second generation – with state-of-the-art print head technology – for the highest output quality you have ever achieved in UV roll to roll printing to date.
And still with the unique features that users so appreciate. Because they make work much easier, as well as creating real competitive advantages.


Karibu is a UV LED printer, which provides a unique opportunity to print on very heat-sensitive materials such as textiles. LED bulbs do not need either heating or cooling time and have an average lifespan of up to 10,000 hours. The fact that swissQprint has prioritized LED light over an ordinary UV lamp with a mercury bulb also makes Karibu a sustainable choice, as an LED bulb uses much less energy and is also completely free of the environmentally harmful mercury.