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Nyala 4

Nyala 4 is the European champion among flatbed printers. With a print area of 3.2 m x 2 m and a top speed of 206 m2 / h, Nyala 4 gives you the best opportunities to be competitive on both price and productivity. Read More

  • 9 Colour Channels
  • 3.2x2m Print area
  • 206 m2/h Max. productivity
  • 4 - 18 print heads
  • CMYK + 5 Extra colours
  • 1350 dpi Max. Resolution

Redefine Quality

We present the flatbed generation 4. It distils 25 years of development experience and the latest technology. It redefines quality. It is user-friendly and efficient. It is your new competitive trump card.

Consistently efficient

Don't be blinded by mere printing speed. Effective value creation requires more than that: productivity-enhancing print modes. Short changeover times. Maximum uptime. And output software that does away with certain RIP processes. Nyala 4 offers it all.

User-friendly and efficient

Nyala 4 is equipped with the unique Tip Switch vacuum table just like its siblings. It is finely segmented. Individual zones close or open instantly, at the touch of a finger. Tip Switch vacuum acts only where it is needed and holds down even unruly media. As a user, you gain a lot of time from not having to worry about manual masking.

Run your finger over the vacuum tip switches across the print bed width and open all of the 256 vacuum channels in just a few seconds. Once the material is loaded, do the same to shut off the segments below the uncovered surfaces:

Neon meets UV

Even more special effects in UV printing. For posters, ceiling hangers and POS displays, information and guidance systems, trade fair and event concepts, safety notices or campaign signage. With Neon Green, Orange, Pink and Yellow.

Neon Pink and Neon Yellow are optional spot colours. Compatible with every swissQprint flatbed or roll to roll printer with LED curing, they can be retrofitted at any time. With these two inks, you can conjure up four colour variations. Sounds tempting, doesn't it?





Maximum Print Area - Full Bleed

3200 × 2030 mm

Head Clearance

Maximum 50mm

Colour Channels

Maximum 9

Print Heads

Maximum 18

Top Speed

206 m²/h

Production Speed

103 m²/h

Fine Art Speed

37 m²/h


2,51 × 5,72 × 1,42 m (L×W×H)


1400 – 1800 kg

Included RIP

Caldera with Amber controller

swissQprint Nyala 4

Nyala is the champion among all flatbed printers. For seven years in a row, it has been Europe's best-selling large format printer in its category. No comparable product offers better price/performance and more opportunities to stand out from the competition in terms of quality and quantity.


Print quality redefined

A Generation 4 Nyala trumps everything you and your customers have ever seen in terms of output quality. That's thanks to the latest print head technology and the precise droplet placement perfected by swissQprint. You get a maximum resolution of 1350 dpi on the medium.


The majority of our customers are looking for productivity with maximum versatility, and that's why they choose Nyala. The 3.2×2 metre flatbed with its practical options makes this machine a true multitool. For example, an XXL printer or a roll to roll printer.