GR2 Series


GR2 Series

Now is the time to grow your business by offering a greater range of products and a faster, more reliable service. The GR2 series of large format cutting plotters from Roland DG is built to fit seamlessly with your print-then-cut workflow and deliver fast, flawless results from day one. Read More

Built to Fit Seamlessly into a Print-&-Cut Workflow and
Deliver Fast, Flawless Results from Day One

The GR2 vinyl cutter is the perfect choice if you’re a large format printer owner who’s looking to dramatically expand the scope of your business to include print-then-cut applications. It's also ideal for adding speed and cutting precision to cut only projects. Developed to meet the needs of print professionals in various industries, the GR2 has the functionality for a wide range of products.

Section Cutting

Automatically divide long plot data into sections for a faster and more efficient cutting operation.

Auto Rotation

Automatically detect feeding direction and rotate cutting content accordingly.

Segmental Positioning

Automatically scan crop marks, one-by-one to recalibrate and adjust to material shifting.

Multiple Copies

Duplicate images and cut multiple copies in a single job— flawlessly output stickers and other graphics in long runs and in neat and tidy batches.

GreatCut-R Software

Purchase of the GR2 includes GreatCut-R software with a variety of dedicated cutting functions to support operations, such as setting up weed lines and saving job histories. Designed for the precision cutting capabilities of GR2 technology, you can select different cutting outputs that include “optimal output” to suit your work environment and the nature of your work.





Sizes Available:

GR2-540: 1594mm

GR2-640: 1782mm

Maximum Cutting Speed

1530 mm/sec

Cutting Force

5-600 grams of down-force

Standard Accessories

USB cable, cutting pad, safe blade, dedicated stand, tweezers, user's manual, etc.

Included Software

GreatCut-R Software

Optional Accessories

Media Basket

Roland GR2 Series

Featuring added downforce, precision, and a more intuitive cut operation, CAMM-1 GR2 series large format vinyl cutters were built to work in complete harmony with Roland DG printers. Grow your business with GR2 series vinyl cutters that offer more opportunities to expand your sign and graphics output than ever before.


AAS II Positioning— an intelligent sensor workflow that automatically crops-by-row and repositions for efficient print-then-cut production


Cutting speeds up to 1,530 mm/s with a downforce of up to 600 gf— cut thin films and thick vinyl with ultimate ease


New GreatCut-R Software for setting up weed lines, saving job histories, and other dedicated cutting functions