The Importance of Strong Supplier Relationships: Materialised and Pozitive's Story

The Importance of Strong Supplier Relationships: Materialised and Pozitive's Story

Materialised is a family-owned business that has been operating since 1980. They supply performance, furnishings, textiles, and wall coverings to the contract market, serving industries such as education, health, and hospitality. The company's CEO, Belinda Price, speaks highly of their relationship with Pozitive, one of their key suppliers.


The relationship between Materialised and Pozitive is more than just a typical supplier-customer relationship. Pozitive understand the company's operations and what they need to thrive. In addition, Pozitive is relied upon to bring new technologies to the market when they become available.

A strong relationship with suppliers is essential to the success of any business. A two-way street, with both parties working together to achieve common goals.

One of the key ways in which Pozitive has helped Materialised is with the installation of the new swissQprint Karibu. This machine is capable of printing two widths of wall vinyls side by side, with an impressive capacity and speed. Additionally, it has the ability to print on a variety of different textures.

Before the swissQprint, Materialised was experiencing issues with colour reproduction, which made it difficult to achieve consistency between samples and orders. With the new machine, these issues have been eliminated, and Materialised is now also able to print small samples off their big machine, which reduces waste.

Colour consistency is crucial to Materialised, as designers work around coluor and design when creating projects. Therefore, having the correct colour consistency is essential in order to meet the expectations of clients.

Materialised highly recommends Pozitive as a company to work with. They cite their longevity in the industry, their excellent knowledge of their products, and their outstanding service as key reasons why they are a valuable partner to Materialised.

Materialised and Pozitive's partnership is a shining example of how a mutually beneficial and trust-based relationship can lead to innovation and growth for both parties.