Unleash Your Creativity with RI-Mark Platinum: The Perfect Cad-Cut Vinyl

Unleash Your Creativity with RI-Mark Platinum: The Perfect Cad-Cut Vinyl

Whether you're looking to personalise vehicles, create eye-catching point-of-sale advertising, or enhance indoor and outdoor decor with striking signs, RI-Mark Platinum is the perfect solution. This groundbreaking range is compatible with both dry and wet application methods, making it suitable for flat, uneven, and curved surfaces.

RI-Mark Platinum lives up to its name by offering platinum-quality materials. With a palette of 72 vibrant colours, all REACH and RoHS compliant, these vinyl films effectively convey any message with maximum impact. The high gloss premium polymeric vinyl is UV stabilised, ensuring exceptional colour stability for up to 10 years. Say goodbye to worries about colour alterations or fading over time—the vividness remains intact. Additionally, the materials feature a highly cohesive solvent-based adhesive that guarantees excellent dimensional stability, water resistance, and solvent resistance.

Professionals can rely on RI-Mark Platinum for outstanding technical performance, whether it's adhesion to the substrate or versatility during application. The exceptional conformability and flexibility of the 65µm face result in flawless outcomes, even on flat, uneven, and curved surfaces.

When it comes to workability, RI-Mark Platinum surpasses expectations. Its impeccable cutting capability, easy stripping, and effortless weeding are made possible by the blue contrast siliconised liner. For fast and hassle-free application, the series also includes white and black options with airflow features.

Elevate your projects with RI-Mark Platinum—the ultimate choice for professionals in need of top-quality polymeric vinyl film for their cad-cam plotters. Trust in the reliability and performance that Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives is renowned for. Get your hands on RI-Mark Platinum today and experience the superior materials that will take your work to new heights.

The entire Ri-Mark Platinum Series is available now from Pozitive.