Ultimate wrapping perfomances with the new Ritrama CAST adhesive films

Ultimate wrapping perfomances with the new Ritrama CAST adhesive films

Looking for top-of-the-line self-adhesive film products for your vehicle wrapping needs? Look no further! Fedrigoni Group, the renowned industry leader in premium label paper and self-adhesive materials, is delighted to expand its range of Ritrama-branded graphics and visual communication solutions with the exceptional Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack.

Ritrama, committed to continuous improvement and technological innovation, offers an extensive selection of self-adhesive materials that boast unmatched quality. From captivating advertising displays and promotional decorations to stunning architectural graphics and corporate branding solutions, Ritrama has it all. And now, with the addition of Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack, vehicle wrapping has reached new heights.

Designed specifically for commercial and private vehicle wrapping, Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack is a superior product that ensures outstanding results. Thanks to the exceptional conformability of the CAST PVC, this film effortlessly adheres to the unique curves and irregular surfaces of any vehicle, including mirrors and bumpers. Durability and conformability are its defining features. For added customisation and protection against mechanical abrasion and harmful UV rays, you can combine both matte and gloss laminations. This product guarantees long-lasting performance and resistance. Rest assured, the high-quality PVC maintains excellent dimensional stability over time, ensuring a flawless final outcome.

Featuring a one-of-a-kind liner structure and low adhesive adhesion, Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack facilitates quick and hassle-free application, allowing installers to eliminate any creases or air bubbles that may arise. Even when it comes to removal, this product offers remarkable simplicity of use.

The remarkable suitability for digital printing opens up endless possibilities for customising commercial fleets and vehicles. Whether you want to match your brand's colours or add eye-catching graphic elements, Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack delivers exceptional results and meets all your branding requirements.

With Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack, Ritrama by Fedrigoni Self-Adhesives once again raises the bar for quality. Manufactured in Fedrigoni Group's state-of-the-art factories, this premium product aligns with their commitment to expanding into promising segments while maintaining the highest standards of quality and service.

When it comes to superior self-adhesive film for vehicle wrapping, Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack is the ultimate choice. Get yours today at Fedrigoni Group and experience the unparalleled quality and performance that have made Ritrama a global leader in the industry.

Ri-Jet C50 Ultimate Slide & Tack is available to purchase now from Pozitive.