Mezographic installs latest swissQprint Kudu

Mezographic installs latest swissQprint Kudu

Article published by Image Magazine - 17th May 2024

Melbourne-based Mezographic has installed the latest swissQprint Kudu, acquired from Pozitive Sign and Graphics at FESPA Munich in 2023. The new printer is now up and running, already printing its first commercial job using the printers' ground-breaking neon colours.

Frank Mezo, founder of Mezographic, said, “I have always been impressed by the swissQprint product range since we saw it first ten years ago when Phil took me to a site outside of Berlin. They were printing solid red for a supermarket in two passes, which impressed me straight away. The machine was six years old and still had the original heads. I’ve followed their development ever since, with speed being a very important factor to us. The new Kudu offers us the combination of quality and the speed we need to make it commercially viable. It is an excellent addition, filling the gap between our current Durst equipment and the machines that do our smaller runs. The neon inks have already opened opportunities for us”

Philip Trumble, Managing Director of Pozitive, added,  “We’ve been working with Frank since taking on the swissQprint brand in 2012 and he has always been impressed by the swissQprint machines, but the speed and quality have not been quite right for his type of application. We thought when the Kudu was released last year that it would be a good fit for Frank and we are excited that after investing in it at FESPA we can now see it in action in the Mezographics factory.”

With the Kudu now operational and already printing it’s first neon job, Mezographic is poised to continue delivering high-quality, speedy, and innovative solutions to their clients.


Discover the swissQprint Kudu today from Pozitive.