Introducing the Bevel Cut Tool to the Summa Flatbed Cutter Series

Introducing the Bevel Cut Tool to the Summa Flatbed Cutter Series

Summa prides itself on the versatility of its flatbed cutter series. After all, every extra tool is an opportunity for your company to expand its product offerings. That’s why Summa is pleased to say that we are expanding the arsenal of tools for F Series cutters by adding the innovative Bevel Cut Tool, bringing the total number of

What’s A Bevel Cut Tool?

In short, a bevel cut is a type of cut made at an angle other than 90 degrees to the surface of the material being cut. A bevel cut tool, therefore, is a tool designed to make such angled cuts.

The Summa Bevel Cut Tool, specifically, features a static knife set at a precise 45-degree angle. Distinct from a V-cut tool, the Bevel Cut Tool has a stiffer, more rigid knife, enhancing stability when cutting hard or tough materials. In addition to the stiffer knife, the tool can also cut curves. All this results in a more precise V-cut.

The tool employs a burr-free blade, ensuring a smooth and polished edge on the cut material.

What Are The Potential Applications?

The Bevel Cut Tool proves versatile across various materials, but its exceptional performance shines in three particular areas:

  1. Deco Felt: With its inherent stiffness, deco felt demands a knife that guarantees stability. The Bevel Cut Tool emerges as the ideal solution for achieving precise cuts on this material.
  2. Rubber: The Bevel Cut Tool, with its short knife design, delivers impeccable results when cutting rubber, showcasing its adaptability across different materials.
  3. Solid Board: When crafting high-end cardboard boxes, the bevel cut excels at creating flawless folding lines, imparting a quality appearance to luxury packaging.

Unlimited Versatility with the F Series

With their 15 different tools, our Summa flatbed cutters are the solution for your growing business. No other machines can match their versatility and adaptability. Their robust construction, accuracy, and multi-functional head allow you to install up to three tools simultaneously, enabling you to perform multiple methods in a single job without interruption. Our machines not only save you time and money, they also give you the opportunity to expand your product offerings.