Allprint Graphics Welcomes Australia's First SwissQprint Kudu

Allprint Graphics Welcomes Australia's First SwissQprint Kudu

Allprint Graphics, known for their quality and innovation in the visual communication industry for over 60 years, has taken a significant step forward. By partnering again with Pozitive sign & graphic supplies, Allprint has brought the SwissQprint Kudu into its line-up, marking this as the third SwissQprint printer in their collection since their first purchase more than eight years ago. This addition not only highlights Allprint's commitment to adopting the latest advancements in printing, but also strengthens the bond with Pozitive, a leader in providing top-tier sign and graphic supply solutions.


A Tradition of Leading with Innovation

Transitioning from their screen-printing origins to a digital printing leader, Allprint Graphics has always been at the forefront of the industry. The swissQprint printers have been central to this transformation, providing unmatched quality and flexibility. The Kudu, equipped with the latest in printing technology, drives Allprint's capabilities to new heights, alongside their existing Impala and Nyala printers, enabling the production of unique materials with an ideal mix of speed and quality.


The SwissQprint Kudu: A Leap Forward

Revealed at FESPA Berlin in 2022, the Kudu has been built from a newly designed mechanical foundation and operates on linear drives, engineered for 24/7 operation. Delivering huge output with up to 304m2 per hour, with outstanding quality, the Kudu can be configured with up to 10 colour channels, making it the most versatile in the swissQprint flatbed series, whilst offering all the swissQprint features you have come to expect like their patented tip-switch vacuum system and modular roll to roll add-on.
The Kudu distinguishes itself through its durability, versatility, and outstanding print quality, making it an invaluable investment in Allprint's mission to offer unparalleled Point of Purchase materials.


The Next Chapter in Printing Technology

The introduction of the Kudu at Allprint Graphics signifies more than just an upgrade, it represents a forward-looking approach to visual communication. In partnership with Pozitive, Allprint leads with the latest tech, ready to tackle the evolving needs of their clients with creative solutions.
This initiative demonstrates Allprint Graphics' role as a leader in the industry, continually pushing boundaries to explore new possibilities in visual communication.
Pozitive are proud represent swissQprint in Australia exclusively. Chat to us today about what a swissQprint printer can bring to your business.