1000 swissQprint Nyala flatbed printers

1000 swissQprint Nyala flatbed printers

swissQprint launched the Nyala UV flatbed printer in May 2012. Exactly eleven years later, the Swiss manufacturer has now sold its 1000th unit of this successful model.


The swissQprint production team celebrated a special printer at company headquarters in Switzerland: the thousandth Nyala machine, due to be finished and delivered in June. The 3.2-metre-wide flatbed printer has been a success story ever since its launch eleven years ago.

Most popular printer

This printer enjoys a large following around the globe. In the European market, it has been the best-selling model in its category for eight consecutive years. “Nyala is the symbiosis of premium print quality, multifunctionality and efficiency”, is how swissQprint characterises it. Due to its print bed dimensions and modularity, Nyala offers extensive freedom in terms of applications and formats that it can handle. Users are able to distinguish themselves with standout print quality – up to 1350 dpi resolution is possible. Carmen Eicher, Chief Sales and Marketing Officer at swissQprint, adds: “Our customers also appreciate the high system availability and low energy consumption.”

Options bring multifunctionality

swissQprint users configure their printer according to present needs, then can expand and change that configuration later on. Christof Lüchinger, Production Manager at swissQprint, knows this well: “Right from the start, practically every customer has ordered the roll to roll option and thus, so to speak, gets two printers in one.”

Other add-ons include the dual roll option, the board option for panels up to four metres long, the glass option and the Rob loading and unloading robot for unmanned shifts. Nyala furthermore has nine freely configurable colour channels, so in addition to CMYK there is capacity for light colours, white, effect varnish, orange, neon and a primer.

High operational and energy efficiency

Helpful features contribute to an efficient workflow: in tandem mode, Nyala processes larger print runs non-stop. Any format is quick to set up and print (with double-sided registration accuracy) – this is where swissQprint's registration pins and powerful vacuum come into play.

Nyala and indeed the entire swissQprint range also stand out for their frugal power demands. Every one of the current models has been certified according to ISO 20690:2018 for ‘top-in-class’ energy efficiency. They consume an average of just 2.2 kWh, the same amount of electricity as an ordinary electric kettle. The large format printers' durability – virtually all 1000 Nyalas are still in service – significantly contributes to the sustainability and profit-earning capacity of these Swiss products.


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