Valiani for a sustainable world

Valiani for a sustainable world

Valiani and Treedom: a global commitment in defense of the planet

Valiani is an active partner of Treedom in the development of projects with a strong environmental and social impact. With this partnership Valiani are committed to reducing carbon emissions into the atmosphere and ensuring sustainable development of the local communities involved in our projects.

Why Valiani chose Treedom

Valiani have chosen to collaborate with Treedom because it is a reliable company, which is part of the Certified B Corporations. Treedom helps rural communities around the world to realise sustainable ecosystems and allows thousands of farmers to support the initial costs of planting new trees, ensuring food sovereignty and income opportunities over time.

Their actions

Valiani plant trees of different species in countries around the world such as Cameroon, Honduras, Kenya and Tanzania. Together with Treedom, Valiani finance the farmers and support them in the early years, when the trees are not productive yet. They receive know-how and technical support from Treedom for planting and managing trees. The positive impact is therefore twofold: on the one hand, we create sustainable ecosystems, on the other hand, Valiani help farmers and local communities to grow.

Every time a customer buys a Valiani machine, they plant a tree, photographed, geolocated, and monitored by Treedom. The customer will always be able to keep “their” tree under control and see how it contributes in terms of CO2 reduction and social impact.

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