swissQprint: Sustainability from production in the region

swissQprint: Sustainability from production in the region

Doing business in an ecologically sound way is a guiding principle at swissQprint, the Swiss manufacturer of high-quality large format printers. With a strong focus on regional supply chains, the company strives for production that is as environmentally friendly as possible, while also embracing its corporate social responsibility.

swissQprint sources 70% of its machine parts from suppliers within an 80 km radius, which minimises CO₂ emissions in the manufacturing process. 3000 parts go into a swissQprint large format printer. A strategy of short delivery distances for their procurement is central to the company’s sustainability policy.

Assembly all in-house
swissQprint develops and builds its printers 100% in-house at headquarters in Kriessern, Switzerland. Machine covers and mechanical parts all come from suppliers within a 10-kilometre radius of Kriessern, reducing the environmental impact and boosting the regional economy. As an example, the massive machine frame is built in a welding shop one floor below in the same headquarters building.

Contributing to the regional economy and social projects
With a major proportion of Swiss companies (80% in total) among its suppliers, swissQprint underlines its commitment to Swiss industry. One of the local suppliers is RHYBOOT, a social economy enterprise that provides living and working spaces for people with disabilities. This partnership exemplifies swissQprint’s endeavours to do business in an ecologically as well as socially sound way.

This isn't the only way swissQprint is reducing their footprint. Learn how swissQprint have gone solar and how you can achieve clear conscious printing thanks to swissQprint Greentech.