Embracing Solar Power: swissQprint's Leap Towards Sustainability

Embracing Solar Power: swissQprint's Leap Towards Sustainability

At Pozitive Sign & Graphic Supplies, we're not just passionate about delivering top-quality printing solutions; we're dedicated to advancing sustainability within the printing industry. That's why we're thrilled to share an inspiring milestone achieved by swissQprint, the renowned Swiss manufacturer of energy-efficient printers and a brand we proudly distribute in Australia.

Solar Energy: Powering the Future of Printing

In a significant stride towards eco-friendly manufacturing, swissQprint has successfully commissioned a photovoltaic installation at their headquarters in the Schützenwiese building complex, Kriessern. This solar power initiative began operation in February 2024 and is a testament to swissQprint's commitment to environmental stewardship.

Featuring 1,276 photovoltaic panels sprawled across the roof of their main production hall, this solar array is not just a part of the landscape; it's a powerhouse generating approximately 613,000 kWh of electricity annually. This remarkable achievement means that more than 50% of the electricity demand at the Schützenwiese business park is now met through solar energy, showcasing swissQprint as a leader in sustainable practices within the business community.

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A Step Towards Self-Sufficiency

Beyond just powering their facilities, the photovoltaic system at swissQprint also energises eight newly installed charging stations for electric vehicles, highlighting a future-ready approach to sustainability. Reto Eicher, co-owner of swissQprint and the project coordinator, emphasises that this solar project marks a significant leap towards sustainability and electrical self-sufficiency, showcasing their foresight and commitment to green initiatives.


A Legacy of Sustainability

The foundation of swissQprint's headquarters was laid with sustainability at its core. Constructed in 2013/14, the Schützenwiese business park was designed to be independent of fossil fuels. Utilising groundwater for heating and cooling, and now, with the addition of solar power, swissQprint is setting a standard for eco-friendly manufacturing.

Swiss building standards are renowned for their precision, and the Schützenwiese complex exceeds these, particularly in terms of insulation and energy efficiency. Features like energy-saving LED lighting and saw-tooth roofs that maximise natural light not only reduce the dependency on artificial lighting but also underscore a commitment to minimising energy consumption.


Leading by Example

As the Australian distributor of swissQprint printers, we at Pozitive are proud to align with a manufacturer that not only leads the way in print quality and efficiency but also in environmental responsibility.

We're excited to support and promote swissQprint's green initiatives to our customers. By choosing swissQprint, you're not just opting for superior print quality; you're also contributing to a more sustainable future.


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