How To Find The Best Vinyl Cutters For Your Business

How To Find The Best Vinyl Cutters For Your Business

Finding the right vinyl cutters for your business can be challenging, but it’s 100% worth it. Here are 5 important factors to consider when making your choice.

1. Type of cutter needed

From roll-to-roll vinyl cutters to flatbed cutters and laser cutters, each type has its own unique features and applications. 

Vinyl cutters

Vinyl cutters, or vinyl plotters, are specifically designed for cutting sign vinyl, self-adhesive vinyl and heat transfer vinyl (HTV). 

They are commonly used by businesses involved in sign making, vehicle graphics production and the apparel decoration industry.

Vinyl cutters we recommend:

  • The Summa S3 for advanced cutting technology for high-volume vinyl and digital print shops
  • The versatile Summa S one for growing businesses
  • Mimaki and Roland also offer high-quality cutters

Flatbed cutters

Flatbed cutters are versatile, handling both rigid materials (such as foam board or acrylic) and flexible materials (like textiles or films). 

With multi-tool functionality, flatbed cutters are ideal for businesses involved in packaging, printing and point-of-purchase displays.

Flatbed cutters we recommend:

  • The Summa F Series is the most versatile flatbed cutting system ever, producing a broad variety of signage, displays, samples, packaging applications and more. With an ever-increasing arsenal of tools and optional add-ons, this flatbed cutter is built to grow with your business
  • Small format option: The Valiani Omnia Series is the ultimate auto feed die cutting solution, designed for uninterrupted sheet media loading and processing. 

Laser cutters

Laser cutters designed specifically for textiles use high-powered lasers to intricately cut fabrics with precision. 

They find applications in industries focused on textile prototyping, custom fabric signage and businesses involved in crafts production.

Laser cutters we recommend:

  • The Summa L Series is the perfect laser cutter for textiles—whether you’re in the industry of fast fashion, sportswear or technical textiles.

2. Brand reputation

Choose trusted brands—like Summa —known for their reliability, durability, innovation, quality customer support and access to spare parts or software updates. 

Do your research. It’s not worth the risk.

3. Tracking ability

Look for cutters that use advanced tracking systems such as optical sensors or laser-based mechanisms to minimise errors.

This will help you maintain precise cuts throughout the entire cutting process. 

4. Cutting speed and force

Your production volume and material types will greatly affect your cutting speed and force requirements. Take this into consideration when choosing the right cutter for your business. 

You want to find the sweet spot—a machine that will scale with you without the expensive, unnecessary features you simply won’t use.

5. Software compatibility

Ensure that the cutter you choose is compatible with industry-standard design software. 

Many high-quality cutters include compatible software. The Summa Roll S One & S3 include Summa GoSign as well as plugins for cutting direct from illustrator. The Summa F Series include Summa GoProduce.

For cutters that don’t include software, we recommend Caldera or Ergosoft. When running cutting jobs, they streamline your production with barcode workflows. These RIP softwares also give you valuable nesting and material optimisation features.

Determine the right cutter for your business

Investing in a high-quality industrial cutter with the right features for your unique business is the only way to achieve efficient and precise results consistently. Take the time to research, compare options and consult experts before making a purchase.

Get in touch with team at Pozitive to discuss any of the cutters mentioned in this guide. We’re here to help your printing and graphic business succeed with quality supplies and expert advice.