GoProduce - with the right software

GoProduce - with the right software

Every single one of you, working with printed or non-printed materials to cut and finish, knows how vitally important software is to the usability and productivity of your hardware. This is not just a matter of integrating your print and cut workflow. Also, the presence of an intuitive interface, easy navigation and intelligent features help the operator to handle jobs more efficiently.  

Summa recognises the importance of software that is fully tailored to the hardware. To underline the importance, Summa developed its very own software platform entirely in-house: GoSuite. GoProduce for the F Series has been the first software module within the GoSuite, which is designed to optimise the F Series users’ workflow.

Smart functionalities at your service 

Adding to the intuitive interface and modern look, one of the true strengths of GoProduce are the straightforward action sets, enabling the operator to handle variable jobs in a natural, trouble-free and automated way. There are various default action sets in GoProduce to support your Summa workflow, such as the barcode automation (watch video), ready to be used at a click of a button. To further enhance flexibility, you can adjust many of these action sets to your hand and your needs. 

Discover the Material Database

The material database is a vital key to the user-friendliness of the GoProduce software. It includes an extensive range of material types, the materials contain the cutting settings and tool data defined by Summa. These materials can be adapted to your specific needs at all times.

The database ensures a smart collaboration between jobs, materials and on-site tools. The material manager works with pre-defined methods, meaning that you only need to choose the material you want to process and the material manager itself automatically chooses the correct tool and its settings to process it with. 

Supporting Back Side Cutting with edge detection

Back side cutting is especially useful when cutting cardboard boxes in order not to damage the print and in order to ensure the print is located at the outside of the box. GoProduce includes a specific camera profile enabling you to perform back side cutting with smart edge detection. 

Basically, there are two methods of back side cutting within GoProduce: 

  • Original: in this method, the camera will first read the marks in the artwork. The marks will then be cut out in squares. After that, you need to flip the sheet, the camera starts reading these cutout marks again and the flatbed cutter starts to cut.
  • With edge detection: this method is available since the 1.10 version of GoProduce. The camera will read the marks in the artwork first and then it will read 3 edges of the sheet. Thereafter, you flip the sheet and the flatbed cutter will read two edges again to determine the position of the artwork. The machine starts to cut without the need to cut out the markers first. This will save you a considerable amount of time.

Automated Workflow with Barcode functionality (Pro Pack)

The flatbed cutters usually need an operator to select the right cutting file, then read the printed marks to register the correct position of the material and match the selected cutting file. With the barcode functionality, the cutter reads the printed barcode, identifies the job and automatically retrieves the cutting file. In this file, all the necessary cutting data and tool selection can be stored thanks to GoProduce. The built-in camera of the flatbed scans the job automatically (or alternatively by hand scanner). See how it works in the video below:

Continuous development of new features and improvements

The GoSuite sofware range is growing and Summa continues to develop new features and improvements. The GoSuite software platform is built to support you today and in the future, with many more software solutions to follow. With GoProduce for the Summa F Series, you can benefit from all the latest features and techniques on your F Series cutter. 

Go ahead and make your cutting workflow (even more) efficient and straightforward with the GoProduce software that is perfectly tailored to your hardware.