Everything You Need To Know About Sign Lamination

Everything You Need To Know About Sign Lamination

Protect your signs from UV radiation, moisture, dirt, physical damage and even graffiti—simply by laminating them. Widely used for the last 50 years, sign laminates are still an essential product when it comes to safeguarding artwork from fading, peeling and scratching.

Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right sign laminates for your business.

Types of laminates

Monomeric laminates

  • Composition: Monomeric laminates are typically composed of a single layer of PVC with plasticizers for flexibility. The polymer chains in monomeric laminates are less complex, resulting in a less flexible material.
  • Durability: These laminates have lower molecular weight and are generally less resistant to environmental factors such as UV radiation and temperature variations.
  • Uses: Monomeric laminates are cost-effective options suitable for short-term applications such as promotional signs, stickers or temporary displays.

Polymeric laminates

  • Composition: Polymeric laminates consist of a blend of PVC layers with additional components for improved flexibility and durability. 
  • Durability: Due to a more complex polymer structure, polymeric laminates offer better resistance to environmental stress.
  • Uses: Polymeric laminates are perfect for general outdoor signage where a balance between cost and durability is essential.

Cast laminates

  • Composition: Cast laminates are made from a high-quality cast PVC film created through a casting process, resulting in a more advanced and conformable material.
  • Durability: They are considered the premium choice for long-term outdoor applications due to their exceptional UV resistance and durability.
  • Uses: High-performance applications such as vehicle wraps, outdoor signage in harsh conditions, and projects requiring exceptional conformability to complex/curved surfaces.

Laminate finishes: gloss, matte, anti-slip and anti-graffiti

Laminates are available in different finishes. Consider your specific requirements and choose the right type.

  • Gloss: Adding shine and vibrancy to your signs, gloss laminates are suitable for most applications.
  • Matte: Decreasing glare with a sophisticated non-reflective finish, matte laminates are commonly used for high-end signage or displays where readability is crucial.
  • Anti-slip: With a non-slip surface, this finish is perfect for floor graphics. Floor graphic laminates are also designed to withstand heavy foot traffic and cleaning processes.
  • Anti-graffiti: With a protective layer that doesn’t compromise clarity, anti-graffiti laminates allow easy removal of graffiti with common cleaning agents.

Our top picks

Don’t waste your time and money on poor-quality laminates. Choose brands that are recognised for quality, like Ritrama, Clear Focus and XCEL. 

What sets Ritrama apart:

  • Wide range of monomeric, polymeric and cast laminates
  • Quality and consistency
  • 50+ years of experience
  • Meets the strictest environmental standards

What sets XCEL by Pozitive apart:

  • Quality laminates
  • Exceptional durability and protection 
  • Ideal for a wide range of applications
  • Rigorously tested 

What sets Clear Focus apart:

  • Cast laminates for one-way vision applications
  • Quality assurance and control checked

Purchase quality laminates for your business

Pozitive is the go-to supplier for small and large-scale sign businesses. We stock quality brands of laminates, as well as a whole range of sign and graphic supplies and hardware.

Check out our range of laminate media. Our expert team can also answer any questions you may have. Don’t hesitate to get in touch:

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