Design Custom Packaging Like a Pro: Summa F Series & PackLib Make It Easy!

Design Custom Packaging Like a Pro: Summa F Series & PackLib Make It Easy!

In the world of custom packaging, standing out from the competition is key, and the Summa F Series cutters, paired with the innovative PackLib Software, are here to ensure you do just that. If you've ever thought that creating professional, custom packaging designs requires complex skills and extensive training, think again. The Summa F Series cutters, renowned for their precision and reliability, include a powerful ally that makes designing top-notch packaging solutions not just possible, but incredibly easy.

With the PackLib Software, included free with every Summa F Series cutter, the door to effortless, professional-grade packaging design swings wide open. Whether you're a seasoned designer or just starting, this dynamic duo provides the tools and simplicity you need to transform your ideas into reality. This powerful tool is not just an addition to your toolkit; it's a game-changer for your business.

A Library That Opens Doors

PackLib's extensive library is like a key to endless creativity. It offers a vast array of resizable models for packaging and displays, catering to various materials and design needs. This means you can offer more to your clients, expanding your business’s range of services with ease. Whether it’s a simple packaging box, a custom point of sale display or even cardboard furniture, PackLib is sure to have a model to suit your needs.

Summa F Series PackLib offers a massive range of templates

Updates and Downloads Simplified

Keeping your library current is a breeze with PackLib. Whether you're updating existing files or adding new designs, the process is designed for efficiency. This flexibility is essential for meeting customer demands quickly and effectively, giving your business a competitive advantage. Adding new models to your library is just a click away.

Smart Assembly: A Creative Advantage

PackLib’s Smart Assembly feature is a testament to the software's sophistication. It allows you to assemble components for packaging designs intuitively, exploring creative solutions while ensuring structural integrity. This tool not only enhances the design process but also makes it more enjoyable. Simply select your packaging style, input your dimensions, the thickness of your board and PackLib does the rest, adjusting the model so each tab slides perfectly into the cut-outs.

Summa F Series PackLib Packaging Software


By integrating PackLib with your Summa F Series cutters, you're not just adding a tool; you're upgrading your business’s capability in the competitive world of packaging design. PackLib’s user-friendly nature, coupled with its robust features, makes it an indispensable asset for any forward-thinking business.

Ready to explore the full potential of the Summa F Series cutters with PackLib Software? Reach out to us and see for yourself what PackLib can bring to your business.