A Guide to Choosing the Right Dye Sublimation Paper

A Guide to Choosing the Right Dye Sublimation Paper

When it comes to creating stunning sublimated prints with vibrant colours, choosing the right dye sublimation paper is essential. In this article we will explore our three favourite options: Transjet Sportsline, Boost, and Eco-II. Whether you're printing sports apparel, soft signage, or interior furnishings, we have the perfect transfer paper for you. So, let's jump in and discover the paper that will bring your artwork to life!

Transjet Sportsline: Ideal for stretchy textiles

Looking for the perfect paper for high-performance textiles? Look no further than Transjet Sportsline. This premium dye sublimation paper excels in colour vibrancy and sharpness, giving your prints that extra wow factor.
Featuring an advanced reversible adhesive effect, a smooth transfer onto stretchy polyester-based textiles is made easy. The paper will have an initial tack to the textile and is then easily removed afterwards.
Plus with its fast-drying surface, you'll have your creations ready to wear or display in no time. Get ready to be the champions in sportswear printing with Transjet Sportsline!

Transjet Boost: Increase your output

Seeking high-quality prints without compromising productivity? Transjet Boost is here to supercharge your printing game. This exceptional dye sublimation paper offers excellent ink absorption, resulting in prints with captivating colours and intricate details. And the best part? Its ultra quick-drying surface allows you to produce more stunning prints in less time.
With its excellent runnability and outstanding efficiency, Transjet Boost is ideal for fashion, soft signage, home textiles, sportswear and even hard substrates like skis and snowboards.

Transjet Eco-II: The jack of all trades

If you’re looking for do-it-all transfer paper, Transjet Eco II may be what you’re looking for.
This perfect all-rounder dye sublimation paper features fast drying, incredible colour brilliance and colour release, and offers fast drying times and short transfer times.
Let your creativity shine with Transjet Eco II, perfect for interior decoration, fashion, sportswear, soft signage and more!

Making the right choice

Choosing between Transjet Sportsline, Boost & Eco II comes down to the specific needs of your project. If you’re primarily producing sportswear or stretchy textiles, Sportsline is your go-to option. For a wide range of applications with a focus on quality and speed, Boost is a reliable choice. And if versatility is what you are after, Eco II is the all-rounder that will not disappoint.

Understanding the unique features of each sublimation paper and aligning them with the requirements of your project is crucial in making an informed decision. With the Transjet range from Pozitive, you are not just choosing a product; you are partnering with a company with the knowledge and experience to reliably guide your project to success, ensuring a seamless process and outstanding results every time.

For more information about our dye sublimation papers and other dye sublimation solutions, get in touch with us today.