There's a swissQprint for you

No matter what swissQprint printer you choose, the print quality, reliability, versatility and how eco-friendly they are, is consistent right across the range.

We've just installed our 5th machine, a Nyala 3S, with our 6th due to arrive soon. We run them 24 hours a day. Partnering with swissQprint and Pozitive has been a masterstroke in our business.

Benn Murphy, Clarke Murphy Print

Tip Switch Vacuum - Now available on all new machines

All swissQprint flatbed models are now equipped with the unique Tip Switch Vacuum. The swissQprint vacuum system has always been a top performer; now it has grown yet more efficient and easier to use.

There's a swissQprint for you

Every swissQprint model has a flatbed that measures two metres from front to back, giving plenty of space for all formats. And they are efficient by nature. Whatever the format – be it small, large, or continuous – these printers offer a masterful blend of print quality and speed. Our customers appreciate their robust construction and longevity as well as their precision and reliability.

Oryx 3

In terms of quality and versatility, this large format printer stands eye to eye with its larger and faster siblings. It just takes a little longer to get the work done. If you are creative, experimental or new to the business, you should take a closer look at Oryx 3.

Key figures
2,5×2 m flatbed
65 m²/h maximum productivity
9 freely configurable colour channels
CMYK + 5 colours

Impala 3

Impala 3 does great work within a small floor space, extremely efficiently. It is a pleasure working with this user-friendly UV LED printer. Not least because the results are convincing and Impala 3 also leaves a small environmental footprint with high added value.

Key figures
2,5×2 m flatbed 
180 m²/h maximum productivity 
9 freely configurable colour channels 
CMYK + 5 colours

Nyala 3

No comparable UV printer offers so much while requiring so little in operation and maintenance. Its applications are universal and the 3.2×2 metre flatbed provides enormous scope – with commonplace materials in any case, and better still with the not-so-ordinary ones that produce exactly the refreshing creations to help swissQprint users stand out from the crowd.

Key figures
3,2×2 m flatbed
206 m²/h maximum productivity
9 freely configurable colour channels
CMYK + 5 colours

Nyala has been Europe’s best-selling printer model in its class for the last FIVE years!

Impala 3S

Bringing clean quality to substrates at high speeds is the speciality of this flatbed printer. Maximum output is 317 m²/h – ideal for billboards and similar media with long viewing distances. Apart from that, Impala 3S is also very much suited to precision work.

Key figures
2,5×2 m flatbed
317 m²/h maximum productivity
9 colour channels
CMYK + 1 colours

Nyala 3S

A busy environment with large and fast turnaround is the preferred workplace for this high-performance printer. It is the most productive of the swissQprint range, capable of printing up to 370 m² per hour. Nyala 3S provides printing modes suited to various viewing distances depending on the product.

Key figures
3,2×2 m flatbed
370 m²/h maximum productivity
9 colour channels
CMYK + 1 colour


Karibu is all about efficiency, reliability and a huge variety of roll printing applications. This large format printer incorporates the result of 20 years’ development experience in UV inkjet printing, made better still by innovative technical solutions.

Key figures
3,4 m max. print width
200 kg max. roll weight
212 m²/h max. productivity
9 freely configurable channels
CMYK + 5 colours

swissQprint Nyala has opened up a lot of opportunities for us and has been flawless since installation. Really impressed

Dan Mantel, AFI Branding

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