Star Sub Apparel's complete dye sublimation solution from Pozitive

Star Sub Apparel's complete dye sublimation solution from Pozitive

Star Sub Apparel is a Melbourne-based company specialising in producing garments for a variety of sports, including football, netball, cricket, and basketball.


When a client comes to Star Sub with a vision for a new garment, the process begins with the creation of artwork, if necessary. The artwork is then printed and left to cure for 9-13 hours before being sent to the sublimation department. After sublimation, the garments are logged into the laser cutting room and, once they have passed quality control checks, they are sent to the makers to be completed. The complete printing, transferring and laser cutting component is all proudly supplied by Pozitive.

The Summa L Series Laser Cutter makes quick work of cutting garments ready to move onto finishing.


Pozitive has played a crucial role in the growth of Star Sub Apparel over the past seven or eight years. The company was introduced to Pozitive through Roland Australia, and has relied on the company's industry-leading technology and practices to improve its own business. For example, the implementation of the DGI Poseidon printing machine has significantly increased the speed and efficiency of production at Star Sub, allowing the company to produce up to 10,000 garments per week.


In addition to the high-quality technology offered by Pozitive, the company also provides excellent customer service. When Star Sub has encountered issues or problems, Pozitive has been a reliable partner that has provided support and assistance. Overall, Star Sub is highly satisfied with its partnership with Pozitive and would recommend them to others in the industry.