All Aussie Prints Experience with Pozitive

All Aussie Prints Experience with Pozitive

Tony, the owner of All Aussie Prints, has been successfully running his business for approximately two years. Initially starting as a side venture to earn some extra income, All Aussie Prints quickly gained momentum and became a significant player in the wide format printing industry, particularly serving signwriters.


The growth and success of All Aussie Prints can be attributed, in part, to the invaluable partnership formed with Pozitive. Tony's journey with Pozitive began when he connected with Michael in Hardware Sales. Michael played a pivotal role in helping Tony transition from a modest home-based printer and cutter setup to entering the industrial printing arena. Notably, Michael's exceptional level of customer service included regular updates on order progress and even friendly check-in calls. This personalized attention from Pozitive made a lasting impact on Tony's experience.


The first machine All Aussie Prints acquired from Pozitive was the Epson SureColor 40600, which proved to be a reliable workhorse for their diverse printing needs. From car yard stickers to vinyl banners and stickers, All Aussie Prints successfully served its clientele with high-quality prints. As demand continued to surge, Tony recognized the need to invest in cutting-edge technology to enhance productivity. Consequently, All Aussie Prints acquired a lamidesk, a machine that revolutionized their operations through advanced features and increased efficiency when laminating and mounting sign panels.


Another significant purchase for All Aussie Prints was the Summa Flatbed F1612, a machine that Tony passionately describes as a game-changer for their business. It’s remarkable capabilities and impact on operations were further amplified by the simultaneous acquisition of the Mimaki JFX 2513 EX UV flatbed printer. These acquisitions positioned All Aussie Prints as a formidable player in the industry, catering to various printing requirements.


The competitive prices they offer are a direct result of the high-quality machines provided by Pozitive. Throughout the purchasing process, Pozitive demonstrated exceptional care and support for All Aussie Prints, ensuring a smooth and rewarding experience. Tony expresses immense gratitude towards Pozitive, acknowledging that without their partnership, All Aussie Prints would not have achieved its current level of success.


Tony wholeheartedly recommends Pozitive, not only for his own business but also for others seeking a reliable printing equipment supplier. He emphasizes that Pozitive surpasses the traditional role of a supplier by building lasting relationships and earning trust. Their commitment to customer satisfaction extends beyond mere financial transactions, focusing on establishing meaningful connections, creating memorable experiences, and ultimately making their customers' lives easier.


All Aussie Prints' journey with Pozitive has been transformative, propelling them to greater heights within the printing industry. Tony's “Pozitive” experience and unwavering support reflect the undeniable impact the company has had on his business and their shared vision for success.