Drag vs. Tangential Knife Technology for Vinyl Cutters

Drag vs. Tangential Knife Technology for Vinyl Cutters

In the world of vinyl cutters, cutting technology is a hot topic. You may have come across the terms "drag knife" and "tangential knife" and wondered what they are all about. Let's dive into these cutting technologies and understand their differences.

Drag Knife Technology: The Workhorse Drag knife, also known as swivel knife technology, is the most commonly used cutting technology in plotters. It works by dragging the knife through the vinyl or foil substrate, similar to a tractor plough being pulled through the earth. The knife's direction is controlled by the cutting head movement and media movement, allowing it to rotate freely in the knife holder. However, it's important to note that sharp corners cannot be achieved with a drag knife. Instead, the knife makes small movements in each corner without lifting from the media. While drag knife technology is ideal for cutting designs for billboards, light boxes, and window graphics, thicker or rigid media may result in slight distortions or rounded corners.

Summa Drag Knife Technology

Tangential Knife Technology: Precision and Versatility to overcome the limitations of drag knife technology, Summa has developed tangential knife technology. Instead of a freely rotating knife, a motor controls the tangential knife. This technology allows the knife to be lifted, rotated, and lowered back into the media, resulting in perfectly shaped cut corners in both thin and thick, rigid media. Tangential knife technology enables higher cutting pressures and the use of longer knives compared to drag knife technology. It's the preferred choice for applications such as floor graphics, vehicle graphics, textile, sandblast, road and safety signs, and more.

Summa Tangential Technology

Summa: True Tangential Cutting Technology
When it comes to tangential knife technology, Summa stands out as the industry leader. The Summa S Class 2 T (Tangential) Series offers highly engineered tangential cutting heads that deliver unrivalled precision and die-cutting quality. These cutting heads are small and light enough to fit on roll plotters. The accurate depth control of Summa's tangential knife technology allows for precise cutting, even as thin as a human hair. Weeding out excess material becomes effortless, thanks to the perfectly shaped corners achieved through overcut features. Summa's FlexCut feature makes perforating material and creating tear-off lines a reliable process.

Choose the Best: Summa's S Class 2 Series Don't settle for less when it comes to your vinyl cutting needs. Explore Summa's S Class 2 Series and experience the benefits of true tangential cutting technology. Enjoy unparalleled precision, ease of use, and endless possibilities. Make a choice you won't regret—trust in Summa's tangential knife technology for exceptional results.