User Report: Pronate in constant change

User Report: Pronate in constant change

The introduction of a swissQprint large format printer has taken this digital printing company a big step forward. It has expanded the product portfolio and significantly increased both productivity and efficiency. And it is now targeting new markets.

“The combination of quality, productivity and user-friendliness is unique with swissQprint”, says Takashi Masuda, the production manager. Nyala has quadrupled the output in digital printing. The relative ink consumption has been reduced, and so have operating costs in general compared to the printer previously used.

“Nyala gives us countless possibilities”, the operator, Mr. Hasegawa (left), and Mr Masuda, the production manager, explain.

Pronate’s focus is currently on POP/POS media and packaging prototypes.
“We are experimenting with novel applications to address new markets”, explains Mr Masuda. Architectural solutions could be one of the new fields. “Generally speaking, we intend to acquire more roll to roll orders”, he adds, “especially as Nyala offers great potential here.”

It is neither the first nor will it be the last time that this company is changing. Pronate’s mission is constant change.

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