swissQprint Certified energy efficiency

swissQprint Certified energy efficiency

According to ISO Standard 20690, swissQprint large format printers are highly energy-efficient. In other words, they consume only modest amounts of electrical energy and conserve resources.

On behalf of the entire current product range Nyala faced the tests of Fogra experts in the spring. These gentlemen have determined the energy efficiency of the printer in accordance with ISO standard 20690:2018, which standardises such measurements and makes them comparable.

The experts have concluded that Nyala LED has an “outstanding energy efficiency”. This means that swissQprint systems consume little electricity in relation to productivity. For example, Nyala prints 65 square meters per kilowatt hour in the fastest mode. This is not only interesting in terms of operating costs but also reassuring in terms of the ecological footprint.

As implied, Nyala cannot claim the certificate on its own. Due to the same design, all other models, including our Generation 3, are as energy efficient as Nyala.

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