We know how important production is to your business.

After all, if you can’t produce reliably, your clients will go elsewhere. Your business thrives on productivity. At Pozitive, we are committed to ensuring your equipment performs day in, day out. If you have a query, encounter some difficulty, need to book a scheduled maintenance service or just need a helping hand, our support team is ready to help. There are a range of support services available to you. Use one of the links below, or call us on 02 9648 5588.

Technical Service

If your machine or software is currently experiencing a fault, our friendly service team can likely help. We are here to ensure we keep you in production because we know that every hour is costing you money. Please call our support line on 02 9648 5588, press 2 for service and our team will assist. Alternatively complete our form to book a service call.   

Scheduled Maintenance Service

To keep your machinery running at its optimum level, or to maintain your extended warranty, it is essential to have your machinery serviced at regular intervals. 


Pozitive offer tailored “one to one” training sessions to maximise your learning potential. We encourage you to use our training program to advance your skills. Training saves you time by teaching you how to use your software and machinery most effectively, providing you with a shorter learning curve, less frustration and delivering your desired results faster. 

Remote Support

Our Advanced Remote Support System will allow our Technicians to offer fast and efficient support remotely – saving time and frustration. 1.  First, call us on 02 9648 5588 and talk to one of our expert technicians 2.  If remote support is an option for your query, click on the REMOTE SUPPORT button below 3.  RUN the application once it has downloaded 4.  Once it is running on your computer, our technician will require the ID and randomly generated Password to gain remote access to your computer. 


Visit our download page hosted by Dropbox for access to drivers, patches and updates.