Summa F Series

Summa’s Professional Flatbed Finishing System is an award-winning solution for producing innovative signage, displays, samples, packaging applications, and more. With an ever increasing arsenal of tools and optional add-ons, this is the breakthrough cutting solution you’ve been dreaming about.

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Industry-leading features and optional add-ons.

Multifunctional Head

The multifunctional head holds up to three modules at one time. The central unit houses a positioning laser and an integrated camera system for fast and accurate contour-cutting mark recognition.

Powerful Tangential Module

Offers a vertical force of 10 kg and corresponds to a wide range of matching tools. Each tool has a barcode identifier that ensures automatic recognition and parameter settings.

Media Advance Clamps

Pneumatically-driven media advance clamps hold the material down while pulling it forward in order to work continuously in panels or multiple jobs.


The barcode workflow automatically identifies the job to obtain the necessary cutting data from the computer. Scanning the job happens automatically by the built-in camera of the Summa F Series system or by a hand scanner, depending on the selected workflow.


This mode is especially designed to enhance the speed / performance of digital finishing operations on our flatbed finishing systems by up to 40%. Especially within large industrial environments, this F-performance mode will prove its worth and give your overall workflow a serious boost.

Safety Pack

The safety pack assures maximum security. A laser beam systems surrounds the table and controls the motion area. The unit can then work safely, using full speed while in production mode. When put into safety mode, the machine settings can be securely adjusted.


The Automated Depth Control (ADC) simplifies tool, knife or bit changes significantly. The ADC measures the tip of the knife or bit accurately and sets the down position of the tool to the level of the table. This ensures the best settings can always be used to get the most optimal cut quality.


The PLM PackLib for Summa is a library of resizable standard packaging models. The most popular packaging standards FEFCO (corrugated cardboard) and ECMA (folding carton) are included. Also a few POS display designs and solid cardboards (furniture) designs are available.

Conveyor extension to minimize downtime

The conveyor extension, optional on the F1612 flatbed cutter, processes cut designs that are much larger than the actual cutting area. While the machine cuts the next part, the first cutout parts can be removed safely at the extended front.

Accelerated workflow with F-Performance

Increase the performance of your F Series flatbed system with almost 40%. Advantages include faster up, down and turning movements of the cutting head, which will be most remarkable when using the Kiss-cutting tool.

Heavy-Duty Roll Support

The optional Heavy-Duty Roll Support allows a straight throughput of print rolls onto the wide-format flatbed sizes, F1832, F3220 and F3232. For the processing of heavy banner material and light to non-stretchable wide textile rolls, this roll support will facilitate the operator’s life considerably.

Summa GoProduce Software

The user-friendly software GoProduce is part of Summa's GoSuite platform and is developed for the F Series' operator to handle jobs in a most straightforward and easy way. The software includes an extended range of important functionalities and a modern interface with improved navigation, which will enable users to find and operate functions as quickly and intuitively as possible.

Media Handling has never been easier

The extensive range of media handling solutions helps you to work precise and more efficiently.


  • Media Advance Clamps hold the material down while pulling it forward in order to work continuously in panels or multiple jobs.
  • The vacuum pump with sound absorber holds the material in place during the job while the selector adjusts the vacuum automatically to match the working area.
  • The Conveyor belt & Roll support allow the cutting and creasing of large lengths of flexible material to large production runs.
  • The working area can be divided into two separate zones, a cut only zone and an Operator Zone where materials can be removed with ease.
  • The optional Heavy-Duty Roll Support allows a straight throughput of heavy banner material, non-stretchable wide textile rolls and lightly stretchable materials onto the wide-format flatbed sizes F1832, F3220 and F3232.

Big, Bigger, Biggest

Available in five sizes to dramatically increase productivity.

Available Tools & Modules

Drag Module

The Drag Module is a module which allows you to make notations with pens or kiss cut a wide range of materials with a pressure of 600 g of down force, using a drag knife.

Tangential Module

This module offers a vertical force of 10kg and corresponds to a wide range of matching tools. Each of the many tools have a barcode ID that ensures automatic recognition and parameter settings.

Electric Oscillating Module

Ideal for cutting soft and medium density materials such as foam and corrugated board up to 18 mm thick, driven by a 1 kW electric motor, producing up to 12,000 rpm and moves over a stroke of 1 mm.

Pneumatic Oscillating Tools

The Pneumatic Oscillating Tool, powered by compressed air, moves a knife up and down over a stroke of 8 mm. Suitable to cut thick material, such as honeycomb board, corrugated board and foam board

Kiss Cut Tool

With mechanically-controlled knife pressure, this tool is specifically designed for kiss cutting material down to its liner up to 1.2 mm thick. This tool also includes an adjustable nose piece for precise depth control.

Single Edge Cutout Tool

The Single Edge Cutout Tool is designed for detailed cutting through material up to 6 mm thick. A spring-loaded gliding disc allows cutting of very precise details and can be fixed at a set depth.

Double Edge Cutout Tool

The Double Edge Cutout Tool ensures minimal wear when cutting through rigid material up to 6 mm thick. A spring-loaded gliding disc allows cutting of very precise details and can be fixed at a set depth.

Heavy Duty Cutout Tool

The Heavy Duty Cutout Tool is suitable for cutting through thicker material up to 15 mm thick.

Creasing Tools

Several Creasing Wheels, designed in different depths and radius sizes, are available for creasing and scoring paper, cartons, polypropylene and PVC material.

V Cut Tools

The V-Cut Tools are available in 5 angles and are designed to cut a V-shaped groove in rigid sandwich and foam composite boards up to 27 mm thick, depending on the material’s density.

Routing Module

The Router Module is capable of milling most widely-used solid boards in the graphic and sign industry, such as hard foam PVC, acrylic and aluminum covered boards.

High Frequency Router Module

The HF Routing Module is equipped with a high-frequency spindle and higher power output, which allow higher processing speeds and a smoother finishing of rigid substrates.

Rotary Module

Perfect for cutting textiles as well as thicker PVC banner materials. Offers cutting edge finishing on a range of medias

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MODELS: F1612 F1330 F1832 F3220 F3232
CUTTING AREA 160 cm (63 in.) wide x 120 cm (47 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel 129 cm (51 in.) wide x 305 cm (120 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel 184 cm (72 in.) wide x 320 cm (126 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel 327 cm (128.7 in.) wide x 210 cm (82.6 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel 327 cm (128.7 in.) wide x 320 cm (130.7 in.) long; up to 50 m (164 ft.) long in multi panel
MEDIA WIDTH Up to 165 cm (65 in.) Up to 134 cm (53 in.) Up to 190 cm (75 in.) Up to 332 cm (131 in.) Up to 332 cm (131 in.)
MULTI PANEL* 5000 cm (1968 in.)
*Media clamps and roll-feed and/or conveyor belt system are required
REPEATABILITY Within ± 0.05 mm on plots
ACCURACY 0.05 % of move or 0.05 mm, whichever is greater
SPEED Up to 1000 mm/sec (39.4 in./sec)
CLEARANCE* 5 cm (2 in.)
*Distance between vacuum table and Y-beam. Not taking into account the thickness of a cutting mat or conveyor belt
MAXIMUM ALLOWED FORCES Vertical: 200 Newton, Horizontal: 200 Newton
MAXIMUM TABLE LOAD 50 kg/m² (10.2 lb/ft²)
POWER REQUIREMENTS 3 Phase 208V+N or 3 Phase 230V or 3 Phase 400V+N
DIMENSIONS 236 x 214 x 110 cm
(92 x 76 x 43 in.)
214 x 410 x 122 cm
(84 x 161 x 48 in.)
270 x 425 x 122 cm
(106 x 167 x 48 in.)
413 x 315 x 122 cm
(163 x 124 x 48 in.)
413 x 425 x 122 cm
(163 x 168 x 48 in.)
WEIGHT 500 kg (1100 lbs) 1500 kg (3300 lbs) 1680 kg (3700 lbs) 1760 kg (3883 lbs) 1974 kg (4347 lbs)
OPERATING TEMPERATURE 15˚ to 35˚C (59˚ to 95˚F)
STANDARD ACCESSORIES Drag Module, Conveyor System, Roll-Feed System, Safety Beam System, Pneumatic Pack, ADC right, standard 36˚ blade holder, 1 standard blade, 1 fiber-tip pen, hex screwdriver (4mm), hex screwdriver (2.5mm), USB cable (3 meter), USB extension cable (0.5 meter), media guide flanges (set of 2), Summa GoProduce software.
OPTIONAL ACCESSORIES Tangential Module, F Series Routing System, HF Routing System, HT Rotary module, Electronic Oscillating Tool, Pneumatic Oscillating Tool, Kiss Cutting Tool, Single Edge Cutout Tool, Double Edge Cutout Tool, Heavy Duty Cutout Tool, Creasing Tools, V-Cut Tools, production software; Automated Depth Control left (Upgrade Kit), basket (F1612), extension tables (F1612), wireless controller w/charger.