Xcel FloorShark White Gloss 1370mm x 25mtr’s

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Xcel FloorShark White Gloss 1370mm x 25mtr’s

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Brand: Xcel

Product Code: FLOORSHARK 170TFG


  • Unique sharkskin coating absorbs the ink & dries tough
  • Eliminates the need to laminate
  • Sharkskin structure gives great color gamut and high grip; R10 certified
  • Easy to apply & easy to remove, does not tear into small pieces when removing
  • No shrinkage – no risk of a rim of dirty adhesive forming around the print
  • Ultra-tough polyester base, resists tearing, resists pallet trucks & stiletto heels



  • Indoor floor graphic displays
  • Supermarkets, shopping malls, convention centres, airports
  • All smooth hard floors e.g. concrete & tiling
  • Low Pile Carpet tiles


Adhesive: Removable
Finish: Textured Gloss White
Thickness: 170 Microns
Suitable Ink Type: Solvent, Eco Solvent, Latex & UV

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Weight 20.00 kg
Dimensions 1.46 × 0.20 × 0.20 mm