Roland EJ Series Inks 1000ml


Roland EJ Series Inks – 1000ml Cartridges

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Brand: Roland

1000ml EJ Series Ink

Roland EJ Inks offer high-volume, low-maintenance printing and bold, exciting colours that deliver higher profit margins. Specially formulated, quick-drying EJ inks produce amazingly brilliant colours. The inks also provide unmatched long-term outdoor durability, scratch and chemical resistance, broad media support and a wide spectrum of colour. And the available 1-Litre cartridges allow the EJ to run without frequent cartridge changes.Ideal for high-volume, long running print jobs Need more? Configure it for dual-CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk for finer details, smoother gradations and more neutral grays (made possible with Light Black ink).

The EJ-640 runs in 4 or 7 colour formats (dual CMYK or CMYKLcLmLk format), allowing you to choose the ink configuration that is right for your and your business.

Suitable for: SOLJET EJ-640

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