Roland ECO-SOL MAX 2 Inks – ESL4

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Roland ECO-SOL MAX 2 Cartridges

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Brand: Roland
  • Nine colours available (CMYK, LC, LM, Lk, Mt, Wt)
  • Fast drying time for improved production speed
  • Wider colour gamut for reds, blues and greens
  • Brighter metallics and higher opacity white
  • Virtually odorless and nickel free for a healthy work environment
  • Aggressively adheres to a broad range of coated and uncoated media
  • Avaliable in 440 and 220cc cartridges

Exceptional Image Quality

With high ink density and an expansive colour gamut, ECO-SOL MAX® 2 graphics reflect superb colour when viewed at a distance or close up. ECO-SOL MAX®’s extended colour gamut delivers exceptionally bright reds, greens and blues.

Virtually Odorless and Nickel Free

Virtually odorless and nickel free, ECO-SOL MAX® 2 requires no special ventliation or environmental equipment to ensure a safe and healthy working environment for you and your staff.

New Light Black, Metallic Sliver and High-Density White

The new Light Black ink allows the XR-640 to deiver accurate reproduction of grayscale gradients, more natural skin tones and flawless photographic images. The enhanced metallic ink in MAX 2 offers brighter effects, allowing you to produce over 500 striking metallic and pearlescent colours. In addition the improved high-density white delivers greater opacity for complete blockouts on clear medias and great results on blacklit flims.

Fast Drying Time and Aggressive Bonding

ECO-SOL MAX® 2 produces quick drying graphics that bond aggressively and can be handled right off the printer on a wide variety of substrates. This advantage increases productivity and allows ECO-SOL MAX® 2 ink to perform with take-up roller systems for long, unattended production runs, even in high-speed mode.

Scratch Resistance

For even greater durabliity, ECO-SOL MAX® 2 features rugged scratch resistance, critical to the production of outdoor banners and other graphics that involve complex finishing techniques. ECO-SOL MAX® 2 also maintains image quality throughout the printing and finishing results on blacklit flims.

GREENGUARD Certified Ink UL 2818

GreenguardECO-SOL MAX® and ECO-SOL MAX® 2 inks are GREENGUARD Certified products. This certification backed up by empirical scientific data complied by an unbiased, third-party organization, provides assurance that these inks meet some of the world’s most rigorous and comprehensive standards for low emissions of volatlie organic compounds (VOCs) into indoor air. GREENGUARD Certification not only supports companies like Roland that are doing their part to promote global suitabliity, environmental health and safety, it also helps consumers identify products they can trust. For more information, please visit