Kiian Digistar Sublisonic for Panasonic Heads

$500.00 ex GST

SKU: Sublisonic
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Brand: Kiian
    • Compatible with all printers using Panasonic print heads
    • High Density and fast drying
    • Ideal for high production environments
    • Unmatched reliability for continuous production


Kiian Digistar Sublisonic is a Digital sublimation ink designed for transfer printing. Ideal for transferring onto synthetic fabrics (polyester), rigid substrates (pre-coated) and onto blended fibres (min 80% polyester). Sublisonic has been developed for printing onto light and/or low-coated papers exhibiting excellent colour density and fast drying.

Compatibility: Formulated for printers running Panasonic print heads offering ultimate compatability.

Why Sublisonic? Sublisonic fully exploits the productive capacities of your printer. Speed, reliability and reproducibility of the processes over time meet the criteria of industrial production. Enhanced drying capabilities of Sublisonic allows for fast printing – a printer can only print as fast as the individual prints dry or cure.