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PozGuard by Pozitive is your trusted partner, ensuring your systems run smoothly and if something goes wrong, your critical settings can be restored from our cloud backup. Invest in piece of mind and reduce downtime with PozGuard.

Proactive Remote Monitoring

Imagine it's a high-volume production day, and your systems are at full capacity. With PozGuard, you won't be blindsided by a 'low disk space' notification or unexpected network issues. Our real-time monitoring proactively identifies potential problems, from system updates to network glitches, before they halt your production.

Secure Cloud Backup

Remember the last time you lost critical RIP software settings or ICC profiles? With PozGuard, those days are over. Securely backup your essential software like Caldera, Ergosoft, Edgeprint and more, including specialised settings for swissQprint Amber & Lory and Summa GoProduce. (up to 100 GB of data is included).

Efficient Remote Access

Our Pozitive engineers can remotely connect to your system for attended or unattended support. Whether it's a file transfer or a system tweak, we're there to ensure your issue is resolved. Issues that are resolved in under 15 minutes are free of charge.

Insight Reports

Stay informed with weekly reports on your systems. You'll know exactly how your computer setup is performing, helping you make informed decisions for your business.


Sarah lost her customised RIP settings during a system crash. PozGuard had her back, restoring her settings swiftly from the cloud backup, minimising disruption and cost. No more lost profiles, lost presets or hours of downtime.

Quick solutions tailored to you.

PozGuard isn't about replacing your exisiting IT solutions and providers, it's about complimenting them.
We focus on what we do best, monitoring, backing up and providing quick solutions specific to print production needs.


John's print shop was in the process of printing a large order when his RIP computer signalled a full hard drive. Thanks to PozGuard's alert, space was able to be cleared before it became an issue, avoiding unnecessary downtime.


PozGuard is one simple payment of $35 / month Ex GST for each computer that is monitored.
This includes 100gig of secure cloud backup.

Consider this: A 4 hour downtime can cost significantly more than $35 a month.
With PozGuard you're not only saving time but also protecting your bottom line.

Maximimise your production security with PozGuard
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