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print just 9 boards
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your costs on a
swissqprint oryx!

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36 month warranty included standard

swissQprint machines are built to last, with an minimum life of 10+ years, our standard 36 month warranty backs our claim of worry-free, reliable production.

Energy efficient & low running costs

The swissQprint Oryx's high energy efficiency minimises environmental impact, making it both an economical and eco-friendly choice. Combined with low running costs, the Oryx offers incredible ROI.

tip-switch vacuum

Setting the print bed vacuum is child's play. Using the patented Tip Switch vacuum, each of the 256 vacuum segments is switched on and off in no time at all with just the touch of a finger, no additional masking required.

media diversity

Acrylic, aluminium composite panels, wood, tarpaulin, polyester, polycarbonate, polystyrene, (high-density) PVC,flexible foam panels, glass and metal – all routine work with swissQprint. Printing onto difficult, heat-sensitive materials such as textiles, films and paperboard is equally stress-free.

swiss made

swissQprint is packed with 100 % Swiss development and mechanical engineering. Inclusive of the control technologyand software. Each item is carefully matched to the solid overall system. This explains the printers’ extreme operating precision and exceptional durability.

unmatched print quality

With 1080 dpi print quality the swissQprint Oryx is ready to produce stunning quality prints at speeds of up to 90 sqm per hour.

Get to know swissQprint Gen 4

Oryx 4 is the most performant entry-level flatbed printer out there. It outputs quality work at up to 90 m²/h. It offers nine freely configurable colour channels. And it is just as reliable, robust and low-maintenance as its siblings.

9 boards is all it takes

If you're printing 9 or more boards per week then you've already covered your costs on a swissQprint Oryx!

Calculation based on printing 9 sheets of 5mm 1220 x 2440mm corflute with an RRP value of $186 per board

Real-World Success with swissQprint Oryx

Initially, Ralph Barras thought swissQprint machines were beyond his budget. However, after evaluating ink, maintenance, and electricity costs, the 10+ year lifespan convinced both him and his bank of the Oryx's value. The printer's dimensions, productivity, and versatility perfectly fit Barras' needs.


Top Speed

30 Boards per hour (90 m²/h)

Production Speed

15 Boards per hour (45 m²/h)

Max Print Area

2500 × 2030 mm Full Bleed

Tip Switch Vacuum

Included Standard


36 Months

Roll to Roll Option

2500 mm × endless

Dual Roll Option

2 × 1200 mm × endless


2.51 × 5.04 × 1.42 m


1300 – 1600 kg

Power Consumption

average of 2.2 kilowatt-hours of electricity

Oryx 4 is the most performant entry-level flatbed printer out there

You value fine detail and variety? Your order volume is moderate, your customers demanding? Oryx is the printer for you.