Introducing Karibu

Get to your print more efficiently thanks to unique features. Get to your print more reliably thanks to the printer’s swissQprint genes. Get to print more applications thanks to latest technologies and inks. Get to know Karibu, the new roll to roll printer.

The best I've ever seen in roll to roll printing.

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Karibu users have a clear competitive edge …

Get to your print more efficiently with unique roll to roll printer features
powered by new output software.

Get to your print more reliably based on the decades of experience  
that have gone into Karibu and its 100% Swiss pedigree.

Get to print more applications thanks to cool LED technology and a specially
developed ink set.

Get to know Karibu, the new UV roll to roll printer.

Dual Roll Option

If you routinely process narrower rolls up to 1.6 metres wide, potential may be going to waste. Unless you are using the dual roll option, which doubles your Karibu’s productivity.

A Karibu equipped with the dual roll option allows you to easily produce identical designs or two different ones at the same time. Only the material thickness and print resolution need to be the same. The system takes care of the details. Sensors and the control system continuously ensure optimal tension in both rolls, for impeccable parallel production.

Have your machine equipped with this option from new, or simply retrofit later on – whenever you most need it.

Cassette System

Loading and changing rolls is quick and easy with the Karibu roll to roll printer, thanks to its cassette system that enables every user to set up jobs fast and professionally.

Slide the material onto the pneumatic roll holder, centre and secure it. Then pull a length of material over the print bed, secure it to the empty cardboard core at the front and close the cassettes on both sides. Now the only thing left to do is enter printing and material parameters into Lory, the output software, and production can start.

Sensors and controllers inside the cassettes ensure correct web tension from the first to the final metre on the roll. The operator can easily switch to other tasks meanwhile, or simply take a break while counting on Karibu to do a great job.

Tip Switch Vacuum

Setting the print bed vacuum is child’s play with Karibu. Using the Tip Switch vacuum, each of the 136 vacuum channels is switched on and off in no time at all with just the touch of a finger, no additional masking required.

Run it over the vacuum tip switches across the print bed width and open all 136 vacuum channels in just four seconds. Once the roll is loaded, do the same to shut off channels to its left and right. And in the case of dual rolls, also the channels in the gap between them.

Masking is now a thing of the past as you can switch the vacuum on or off in very small segments to avoid leaks. This allows the vacuum to develop its full force exactly where needed and securely hold down the substrate. To help you keep track, each switch has a green and red indicator to show its open or closed status.

Vacuum intensity is freely adjustable via the Lory output software. Moreover, the vacuum automatically reduces once there is sufficient underpressure or while material is being advanced. The results: a quiet working environment, minimum power consumption and precision feeding.

Tip Switch vacuum is the subject of a patent application.


The Karibu roll to roll printer has a Light Box right next to the printing area. This enables immediate quality control of backlit prints and instant optimisations – with minimal loss of time and material.

Karibu is a specialist at producing backlit prints. Especially since this roll to roll printer – like all swissQprint machines – is a champion at precise droplet positioning. In addition, it offers high-resolution print modes in various increments.

A Light Box integrated with the print bed enables continuous monitoring. It is divided into 48 LED segments. The system illuminates only the exact number required for the defined roll width. And if on occasion that is still dazzling due to the design being printed, they can be dimmed.

Mesh Kit

Mesh printing without liner? And without the hassle of setting up and cleaning afterwards? Karibu makes it possible. All there is to do beforehand is change the position of the print beam – and you’re ready to go.

A Mesh Kit comes integrated with the Karibu print bed. Before starting production on permeable substrates or a full bleed job, the user sends the print beam from the standard to the mesh position. All it takes is a mouse click, then printing can begin.

The Mesh Kit contains two rolls of paper that absorb excess ink. Don’t worry, the paper will never soil the substrate from below: first, it is slightly recessed and second, the absorbed ink cures during printing. Moreover, the paper moves along in conveyor belt fashion.

All you need to do is occasionally change the full paper rolls, at the earliest after 600 linear metres of production. Cleaning is unnecessary. So mesh and full bleed jobs are just as easy and quickly handled as any other.

Multilayer Printing

Do you print window films or other transparent media, maybe with double-sided images and text? Then you will definitely like multilayer mode.

Whether mirrored, identical or different, Karibu prints multilayer designs on the medium with accurate registration. There is no chance of bleed-through because all the layers are printed in one go.

White plays a crucial part in multilayer printing: as overprint (image + white) or underprint (white + image), for day and night-time applications (image, white, image) or for five-layer prints (image, white, blocker, white, image). Karibu easily handles them all.


Lory output software is the Karibu operator’s cockpit. Its streamlined user interface acts as a guide through the printing process and aids productive, efficient and intuitive working.

The output software is intuitive, logical and process oriented. Helpful tools and features make work easier while leaving plenty of freedom. Even settings are possible that would normally require a new RIP run.

Just like Karibu, Lory is a 100 percent swissQprint in-house product. Based on decades of experience, designed and implemented throughout as a state-of-the-art software solution. We worked closely with RIP vendors during development. As a result, Lory integrates with end-to-end workflows and you exploit the full potential of process optimisation.

UV Inks

Karibu prints using UV inks specially developed for roll printing, with a large colour gamut. They are flexible and adhere to all common materials. Moreover, their formulation is environmentally friendly and non-detrimental to health.

With Karibu, you can process backlit media, textiles, vinyl films, banners, mesh, wallpaper and much more. The specially developed UV ink set with its flexibility, optimum adhesion properties and large colour gamut helps to achieve impeccable results in roll to roll printing.

We attached great importance to environmental and health compatibility in their formulation. The inks are low-odour and therefore pleasant to use. They contain no NVC, a toxic compound found in many conventional UV inks.

Karibu ink is Greenguard Gold certified, which means that it meets strict criteria for the safety of susceptible individuals such as children, the elderly and the sick. Accordingly, the printed products are fine for use in schools and healthcare facilities. An opportunity for you to target new segments.

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