Inspiring cutting applications with Summa in the fight against COVID-19

Inspiring cutting applications with Summa in the fight against COVID-19

In recent weeks we have seen the importance of communication in protecting people’s health, and signage has proved to be indispensable. An even greater need turns out to be protective clothing against the coronavirus, such as mouth masks and aprons. All of these are applications where Summa’s cutting technologies can help.

Therefore, as the coronavirus is continuing to spread across the globe, Summa wants to use its resources to help to minimize the impact of the outbreak as much as possible. With our available cutting technology, we can produce many applications to supplement shortages of protective materials against COVID-19. Together with you, and the many other inspiring solidarity projects of people, we can all contribute to overcoming these troublesome times.

Summa Demo Room transformed into a high-volume production area

To put this into practice, the Summa team is currently cutting thousands of mouth masks and surgical aprons with both Summa Laser cutters and Flatbed cutters. The project started when we found an entrepreneur with her own shop, who brought together material suppliers to take care of the cutting part, as well as a large group of over 200 volunteers for stitching the products.

The urgently needed end products are then distributed on a daily basis to local hospitals and people in the front lines, such as home care, food stores, the staff at elderly homes and so on.

Surgical aprons being cut on Summa F Series

The possibilities with our Summa cutting technologies are endless. Besides protective materials, the demand for specific signage increased as well. Examples include floor stickers to mark a safe distance of 1,5 meters, or window stickers to inform customers how many people may enter at once, flags and postcards. So be inspired and produce your own range of applications to support your community now.

Mouth masks being cut from Tyvek on the Summa F Series
Create window graphics promoting safe social distancing measures.
Floor graphics to display social distancing of 1.5m

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