Holiday Shut Down – Procedure for Protecting Your Investment

Holiday Shut Down – Procedure for Protecting Your Investment

Many of our clients have asked us what they need to do in order to ensure their machines are ready to print when they come back to work in January. Please find guidelines below. If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact our Service team for specific instructions on 02 9648 5588 or


Complete all the maintenance points for daily, weekly and monthly as laid out in the Maintenance Schedule document. Then:
1. Ensure the purge tray has been completely drained. Pour about 100mls of Flush into the tray to soften old ink during the shutdown period.
2. Using PozPrep, thoroughly clean the print carriage base plate and remove as much ink as possible.
3. Using approved SQ head wipes and plenty of flush, soak a new wipe and thoroughly wipe all print head base plates removing as much dried ink as possible.
4. For those customers that have a white ink channel installed. Regardless of the time remaining on the white ink timer, perform a White Ink Flush. This will ensure only fresh white ink is in the heads during the shutdown period.
5. After manually cleaning the base plate and head plates, complete a final Nozzle Pattern print and retain a copy for comparison when you return from holidays.
6. Shut down the lamps. Do a final wet flush wipe of all print heads. Then a final purge of all heads and turn off.

On start up after your holiday period. 
1. Do a wet flush wipe of all heads.
2. Perform a White Ink Flush cycle.
3. Purge and wipe all heads.
4. Complete a Nozzle Pattern test print and compare against the pre shutdown pattern. If they are the same, you are ready to start printing. If different, purge and wipe all effected heads until you have restored the nozzle print quality.



If your printer is not going to be used for up to 3 weeks
1. Ensure the main power (rear of machine) is left ON and the sub power (front control panel) is left OFF.
2. Ensure that adequate ink is remaining in the ink cartridges or bulk system to ensure automatic maintenance cycles can be performed
3. Perform a manual clean before going on holidays, as described in the user manual, using the recommended cleaning sticks and cleaning liquid
4. If your machine contains special colours such as white or metallic, ensure you shake these cartridges well before leaving and remember to shake them upon your return before commencing normal operations
5. It is recommended that you run a small special colour print upon your return to ensure these inks are properly circulated and to check that they are in good working order
6. Waste bottles may be near to overflow and require checking, so empty the waste ink in accordance to directions explained in your user manual.

One other important factor, particularly in regards to UV ink, is that the environment must be kept stable. If the print environment is poorly insulated, temperatures in Summer may exceed the recommended temperatures. Extended periods of excessive heat or cold can be detrimental to ink, which may affect the viscosity and lead to blockages in the print head nozzles.

If your printer is not going to be used for longer than 3 weeks, please contact our support team for advice.

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