swissQprint Quick Tip – Protect your print heads

swissQprint Quick Tip – Protect your print heads

Protect your print heads – Avoid stray light

If several thick panels are sitting on the print table and there are large gaps in between them you need to take precaution. In situations like this, the print heads are prone to UV reflection and may be damaged. There are simple precautions you can take:

Proper masking around the substrate is essential. Make sure the masking material is as thick as the substrate.

Stray light protection kit
We recommend using our optional stray light protection kit for the purge and drizzle stations when printing onto thick substrates (from about 10 mm on). It is a perfectly fitted elevated plate around the stations. It is really easy to set up and reliably eliminates light reflection, protecting your investment.

Consult your operating manual, chapters 4.5.4 and 4.7, for more details.

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