JFX200 2513 EX

Built upon the proven technology of Mimaki’s industry-leading flatbed printer, the JFX200-2513 EX offers expanded capabilities with greater productivity and functionality. New features include a draft mode that enables a maximum print speed of up to 12 boards per hour and three staggered printheads that allow for simultaneous printing without sacrificing speed, even when using white and clear inks. This model offers faster mechanical motors and a vacuum foot pedal, giving the user the ability to load or unload various substrates quicker and more effectivity.

Benefits of the Mimaki JFX200-2513 EX

Landscape-oriented table can print on one 4’ x 8’ board or a variety of pre-cut pieces, and onto objects up to 2” thick

Dual-zoned vacuum table and user-adjustable layout pins

Nozzle Recovery System and Nozzle Check Unit

Variable Dot Technology and Mimaki Advanced Pass System (MAPS) for smooth gradients and solids

Greenguard Gold UV-LED inks in 4 and 6 color configurations plus Clear, Primer and White

Updated RasterLink6 Plus to support 2.5D textured print workflows

USB/Ethernet connectivity

Features at a glance

2.5D Print Function Enables Easy Creation of Textured Graphics

Compatible with RasterLink6 Plus software, 2.5D printing allows users to create dimensional textured graphics up to 0.5 mm in height using greyscale. These semi-stereoscopic graphics, such as a beveled polygon or a bowl shapes, add a new look and feel to the finished application, enhancing its appearance while increasing its value. Combined with Mimaki Clear Control, this print function also takes full advantage of Mimaki’s LUS clear inks to remove bubbles and create sharper edges, delivering textured graphics that look and feel like the objects being represented.

Landscape-Oriented Table

The landscape-oriented table can print an entire 4-foot by 8-foot piece, or print multiple smaller boards using the two selectable vacuum zones. It can also print to pre-cut, irregularly-shaped pieces.

Layout Pins

Standard layout pins and scale ensure board alignment, which is particularly useful when printing full bleeds.

Variable Drop Printing

The advantage of variable drop printing is most apparent when printing color gradations in light or pastel colors.



Anti-Banding Technology

Variable drop printing combined with Mimaki Advanced Pass System technology ensures precise and accurate print quality throughout the printing process, greatly reducing the appearance of banding and resulting in a smoother image.

White, Primer and Clear

Add White ink to print onto clear acrylic to create backlit panels or to print on wood, metal, or non-white surfaces. Mimaki Circulation Technology regularly circulates White ink between the supply and the printhead to prevent settling. Primer helps the ink adhere to surfaces such as glass. Clear ink adds ‘pop’ and protection to finish a piece.

UV-LED Technology

Mimaki’s UV-LED system uses less energy than other UV types, has a longer life and can print into media that could be damaged by higher-heat systems.

Direct-to-Media Printing Even on to Thick Media

Images can be printed directly onto rigid media up to 50mm thick, providing great versatility and a wider range of potential applications.

Rasterlink 6 PLUS

Mimaki RasterLink6 v5 is the latest version of the trusted RIP software. Ease of use combined with powerful controls for image quality, color and output. RasterLink6 v5 provides workflow tools designed for production without complication.

  • NEW- The 4 layer function and print preview function are part of the RasterLink Tools and are currently only functional with Adobe Illustrator
  • NEW- I.D. Cut (IDC)
  • NEW- Braille printing
  • NEW- PDF transparency
  • NEW- Job name search
  • PANTONE®+ Coated & Uncoated libraries
  • Color replacement via measured colors
  • FOTOBA cut mark generation
  • Multiple layer print control
  • Automated Special Plate Creation
    • White
    • Clear
    • Primer
  • Full layout control
  • Multiple ICC profile test printing
  • Compose and arrange jobs
  • Powerful Jig and Template tools
  • Create and save complex print layouts easily
    • Minimize waste and misprints
  • 16 bit rendering
  • RasterLinkTools Cut & Print Plug-in for Adobe® Illustrator® and CorelDRAW®
    • Create Cut Contour lines
    • Send files direct from design to RasterLink6
  • Full tiling control
  • Automatic Update Tool

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