SureColor S40600.

The SureColor Solvent 40600 is designed to produce durable high-quality signage quickly, easily and at minimum cost. It suits an ad-hoc workflow environment with low to medium production volumes. It can be used with a wide range of media including paper, canvas, film & vinyl. It ships complete with software and suits a wide range of applications including indoor POS & outdoor signage, back-lit displays & window decorations, banners, vehicle wraps, wallpapers, surface finishes & labels.

Key Features

Superior Quality & Consistency

The printer uses new Eco-Solvent UltraChrome GS3 ink. The ink has increased pigment density for brighter prints with reduced consumption. It features a revised formulation that further enhances the colour gamut (particularly in Magenta & Yellow) while significantly increasing gloss levels for prints that provide maximum depth and ‘punch’. Using 4 colours it can produce a gamut that is equal and in some cases wider than competing product with 6 or more inks. All colours have an un-laminated outdoor lightfastness rating of 3 years and as with the previous generation, GS3 is Nickel Free with a low VOC for minimum odour. Epson also now offers a special cartridge set for customers who which to produce material that has print durability warrantied under the 3M MCS Program#. Printers are suitable for installation and operation within a wide variety of environments including factories, shops and air-conditioned offices*.

Simpler & Faster Operation

The SC-S40600 has been designed for fast and flexible ad-hoc production. Inks adhere to vinyl, canvas, film, photographic paper and banner substrates. They dry quickly to enable continuous roll-to-roll production and outgas rapidly for same-day job turnaround complete with lamination.** The printer supports single operator media loading with an integrated easy lifter and a platen release that is accessible from the rear. Media setting can be achieved quickly with auto skew correction and downloadable profiles. In-line flow regulators re-agitate the ink before it passes to the print head to ensure more accurate and consistent colour density in environments with low and/or intermittent production.

Easier Maintenance and Lower Running Costs

The SC-S40600 has been designed to address the increasingly competitive nature of the signage market. It provides superior and more consistent output with faster job turnaround, reduced downtime and lower production costs. It features a durable long lasting printhead enclosed in a new guard. The guard protects against media crashes while collecting dust that may otherwise spoil prints with smudges and miscellaneous ink drops. The printer incorporates a new Automatic Head Cleaning System that engages a Fabric Wiper to remove ink and fluff build up. It also incorporates a new air circulation system that removes airborne dust and ink particles, collecting them in filters that are replaced every 3 to 6 months (along with the Fabric Wiper). Less print wastage occurs and there is a significant reduction in the amount of manual cleaning and maintenance.

Features at a glance

  • Superior Performance – Produce Billboard Prints at speeds up to 29.4m2/hr
  • Superior Media Support – Supports Paper, Canvas, Vinyl and Film stocks, in widths up to 1626mm (64-inch) and thicknesses up to 1mm, in rolls up to 45Kg & 250mm in diameter
  • Superior Print Quality – Latest heat-free PrecisionCore Printhead, new UltraChrome GS3 ink, improved MicroWeave & LUT, self-agitating ink lines, improved paper path with upgraded feed management and a new Advanced Auto Tension Control System
  • Superior Integration – Compact design with flexible networking, suits installation in a wide variety of operational environments, runs off a standard 240V power supply, ships complete with Epson Edge Print software and can be driven by variety of a 3rdparty RIP applications
  • Simpler & Easier to Use – Can be loaded by a single operator with auto media set-up and skew correction, features a see-through platen cover with integrated lighting, and new Epson Edge Dashboard management software
  • Reduced Maintenance – New Self Cleaning Printhead and Air Circulation system with mist extraction

  • Reduced Production Costs – Uses new low cost 700ml ink cartridges with Reduced Ink & Power consumption, ships with an Integrated Auto Take-Up, supports Remote Management, Remote Status and Error Reporting
  • Increased Durability – Features a Strengthened Chassis and a new Printhead Guard, backed by a Comprehensive 1 year Warranty with Optional Cover that can be extended up to a total of FIVE YEARS.
Printing software now included

Include with the SureColor range is the all new Edge Print providing a simple and effective tool for production imaging in environments which do not require advanced workflow management. The software was developed by Epson and provides access to the full power inherent in our Large Format Printers. It draws on our advanced LUT tables to ensure precise and predictable colour. It accesses our smallest dot sizing to enable output with ultra-smooth tonal gradation and minimum ink consumption. It uses our Half Tone Modules to enable the widest possible colour gamut on a range of printer models and ink sets.

The software provides all the functionality of a basic to mid-level RIP application without the complexity or cost. It was designed to be quick to learn and easy to use. Unlike a lot of print applications it provides true on-screen visualisation so operators can see what their output will look like including variables such as the input profile, media profile and rendering intent. Image processing can be completed quickly while errors and wastage are minimised.

The software works in conjunction with Epson Edge Dashboard to enable printer and fleet management complete with downloadable media and print profile settings. It supports spot colour replacement and incorporates a raft of features not usually found in a product of its class including auto image nesting, step & repeat, tiling, and hot folder operation. It RIPs images quickly and processes visual adjustments even faster. Each copy will drive up to 4 printers and up to 4 copies can be loaded on a single PC. It incorporates a high performance Adobe Postscript engine with on-line registration and license management that supports PC replacement.

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